day one & drowning

I am a junior in college and went to my very first day of Spanish today. Talk about overwhelming. I was hoping that there would be at least someone in my class that had neverenrolled in a Spanish course either, but when my teacher asked, of course I was the only newbie. Since almost the entire class has an understanding of Spanish, my professor taught the most of my class in Spanish and wow does she talk fast. I sat there trying to write down as many words as I could so that I could look up what they meant later, but I was so lost. I walked out feeling defeated. Knowing that I will go to that class every single day for the rest of this semester and all of next semester is already stressing me out.

After lunch the sweetest boy told me he wanted to swing by and say hi because tonight is his long night and from now until about 11:00pm he will be running from meeting to meeting, doing what he does best. I had just pulled into the parking lot and he pulled up and brought the brightest flowers. The simplest gesture to him, but literally just what I needed. He brought them because he thought they were cute and simple and he saw them while he was out running errands and thought of me, but I (so unlike me) saw so much more- they were a reminder of my goals for the semester and little life lesson too.

  • The bright colors reminded me that one of my goals this year is to just live it up. To stop worrying, to not get wrapped up in the little things (like the first day of Spanish) and to enjoy the here and the now. It was a reminder that I need to take action now- not to sit around and sulk in the fact that today was harder than I thought, but to get up and go study. To open my book and start looking things up.
  • The buds in the bouquet reminded me that I haven’t finished growing. I’m still learning, I’m still failing, I’m still trying new things. I’m not a full bouquet of open flowers. I still have time. But I still need to use my time.
  • And the thoughtfulness of seeing the flowers and getting them reminded me that I’m not in this alone and neither are you. Find the people that are on your team and let them know when you’ve had the best day, let them know when you know you will be up studying all night, let them know when you have had a hard day. They won’t always bring you flowers, but they’ll listen. And they’ll talk to you in Spanish instead of English so that you can practice more. And they’ll take you to lunch for a breath of fresh air. And they’ll be the little ray of sunshine you need to make it through your day.

Who’s on your team and whose team are you on? What are you going to do to cheer them on this semester? Let us know your ideas!

Annie Bradshaw