sixteen things to do in 2016

Sixteen Things To Do in 2016

1. Write more letters and send more snail mail
How exciting is it when you get a piece of mail in your mailbox that isn’t a bill that needs to be paid? Be the source of that joy for someone else! Take 5 minutes a week to sit down and write a note to someone you haven’t seen in a while or to let a friend know you are thinking about her. 

2. Celebrate the little things
In the craziness of life, sometimes we get caught up in the things that went wrong, the accidental email mess up at work, the missed deadline at school, and we forget that life isn’t about those little things. Sometimes your victories might look like making it on time to work every day for a week or getting caught up on your emails faster than normal or even remembering to put a load of laundry in before you run out of clothes- celebrate the little things, cause the little things make up the big things in your life.

3. Don’t always finish your to do lists
That’s something that I will need to learn to do myself, but some things can wait until tomorrow when your family is at home waiting for you, when your friends are hanging out and you are still at work. Now should you always drop what you should be doing for what you want to be doing? No. But should you take a break every once in a while? Yes.

4. Go to one place you’ve never been before
Create a list of places that you want to travel to before it’s too late- cities, states, countries- name them all. Pick one of them and go there this year. Pick it now so that you have time to plan, save, fit it into your schedule and go.

5. Keep a journal
Any kind of journal- a one line a day-er, a prayer diary, a gratitude journal- and keep up with it. Every night before you go to bed, write a little blurb about your day, or during your quiet time first thing in the morning, write what you learned about. The coolest part is looking back on previous entries and seeing how much you have grown over the year.

6. Have weekly lunch dates
Or coffee runs or dinner plans. But this year, I am making it my goal to catch up with friends I don’t see as often, to be intentional, to be a role model, to seek advice and wisdom. Pick a day and time and fill your schedule up with chitchatting and memory making.

7. Tidy your room every night before bed
There is nothing better than starting your day with a clean room. I’m guilty of stumbling over piles of dirty clothes in the morning, or not being able to find the one shirt I was planning on wearing, only because my room is a mess and that shirt is at the bottom of the pile on my chair. Try cleaning your room every night and even laying out everything you need to get ready in the morning- clothes, backpack, planner- and see if there’s a difference in your morning attitude.

8. Have “me” time
Whether it’s a glass of wine when you get home from work, a trip to get a manicure or a trip to Target by yourself, you need to take some for yourself. Each one of us is our own harshest critic and sometimes you need to take some time to get a breath of fresh air and remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can.

9. Learn something new
A new drink recipe, the trick to keeping your Converse clean, how to write in the cute calligraphy that I see everywhere these days. Pick something fun, useful, out of the blue, quirky, anything and learn how to do it!

10. Live healthier – eating, drinking, mentally
Pick one aspect of your life that you want to be healthier in and focus on that.
Drink more water? How much water do you want to drink each day?
Eat more fruits and veggies? How much is ‘more?’
Work out? How many times a week? What kind of workouts?

11. Splurge a little
The shoes you’ve been eyeing for months- get them. The purse that is truly versatile- grab it while you can. But the $450 dress that you might wear once- pass on it.

12. But be wise with your money
Do you really need another notepad? Are you actually going to wear that scarf when you already have 11 in your closet? Are you going to eat all of this food before it goes bad? This is one of the things I am going to work at the most this year; so let’s take this challenge on together.

13. Have cake for breakfast and cereal for dinner
Because some days call for that.

14. Try something new at your favorite restaurants
We all have that one ‘go-to’ entrée at our favorite restaurant, but if that one entrée is so good, what else are you missing out on? Try something new the next time you go- ask what the most popular dishes are, or what the waiter’s favorite is, or you could even pick something random to try.

15. Grow a plant
A real plant. It can be any plant- succulent, flowers in your front yard, herbs- but pick one out and watch it (hopefully) grow throughout the year!

16. Be a kid again
Jump off a diving board, play with Silly Putty or Play-Doh, color in a coloring book, ride a bike, eat candy until you’re sick, have friends over at your house, ask your mom for help. Take a step back and truly enjoy your day!

Who will be your accountability partner through this journey? Find one and get started!

Annie Bradshaw