the day i went to notting hill

day eleven in london

This morning we got to sleep in a little before we headed off to our double-header site visits! Holly and I took advantage of this and enjoyed a nice breakfast at Briki in Exmouth (iced chocolates and chocolate croissants) before we met everyone at the flats to walk over to ITV.

ITV is the oldest commercial TV network in the UK . We got a tour of ITV and the coolest part was their live news studio. I had been in news studios before that had real desks, backdrops, paneling, flooring, etc. but this studio was different. The tour started off by showing us what the studio looked like from the control room, so that we could have a visual of what the viewers are seeing on their TVs, and then they walked us into the studio and it was entirely green screens- like wrap around green screens. The only thing that was really there was the desk and chair. On the broadcasts, viewers see a shot of the skyline behind the anchor, but it’s really a green screen. On the broadcasts, it appears that the anchor looks at TVs on the sidewalls when they talk to reporters, when in reality, they are just staring at a green wall and are listening to the reporter via ear piece. It was so cool. After that we heard from one of the head news deputy’s and the world coverage director about what goes on behind-the-scenes of live news broadcasts. We even got to listen to the radio channel of a live broadcast that was airing while we were there- super confusing but neat. They were giving the anchor countdowns to when segments needed to be over, telling him he was over time, communicating if on-the-scene reporters were experiencing delays or if their shot wasn’t clear- there was so much going on, I didn’t know what to concentrate on.

After that, we headed straight to Ketchum PR on the other side of town. We learned the in’s and out’s of PR and got a tour of their brand new space. We heard from the CEO of the London office (who was an advertising major and now is the CEO of a world-wide PR firm) and two of the cutest account executives. It was neat to see the thought process behind their campaigns and to learn what PR practitioners do.

After Ketchum, Holly, Dorion and I walked next door to Marks and Spencer to grab dinner. Why did I wait that long to get food there? It was so good. SO healthy, so fresh, perfect options, so many choices, relatively cheap. It was perfect. Then we stopped in a couple of “Annie Heaven” shops. If I lived in London, they would be my go-to gift shops.

We then got on a train and headed to Notting Hill! We wanted to try and squeeze it in today because it is supposed to rain all weekend. We took some pictures and then headed to High Kensington to shop, but since everything closes so early here, nothing was open by the time we got off the bus. We headed back to the flats and got ready for our ‘class outing’ to the local, hoppin’ bar- Bounce. It is a ping pong bar- yes, a bar filled with ping pong tables.  We hung out for a bit and then called it a night.

All in all, it was a good day! Exhaustion is settling in but I’m loving the city and tying to do as much as I can before we leave London.

Annie Bradshaw