month five ft nine cities

This month looked a little different (Didn’t I say the same thing last month? Whoops.) because I was jet-setting around the country for Consultant semester wrap-up and Christmas break. I ran around NINE cities this month!! If you had told me last year that I would be spending more time traveling than sitting still during my Christmas break, I probably would’ve laughed at you. But now, if you think I’m sitting still for more than 3 days, I’m laughing at you. This job has worked in some cool ways in my life this year, my most favorite being my newfound love of adventure. Not just traveling, but adventure. There is so much to see and I am only scratching the surface this year. My bucket list is growing just as quickly as I can cross things off of it.

This month I:

  • Spent a week in Reno, NV
  • Celebrated the initiation of the NV Alpha colonizing class with GP Paula

  • Road-tripped to Tahoe
  • Got to hug on the LDC gals at semester wrap up
  • Sipped on hot chocolate by the fire and felt like I was living the ultimate winter time dream
  • Had The Mont queso for my first meal back in Norms (was that even a question)
  • Ran around OKC for a night with my best girls
  • Was reunited with the passion fruit slushy at Barrio in OKC
  • Had my first KatieBug’s hot chocolate of the season!!
  • Shopped around the OKC pop-ups- my favorite Christmas tradition
  • Did all of the Tulsa Christmas activities (Rhema and Utica, duh)
  • Spent nights working on coffee table puzzles
  • Lived out my lifelong dream of attending a Paper Source party
  • Worked on the couch in between the fire and the Christmas tree
  • Celebrated Christmas in Austin, TX
  • Added a new task to my bucket list: Decorate a 360 tree in Austin
  • Hopped off the plane at LAX;)
  • Rang in the New Year on the West Coast
  • Explored Cali for a few days (everything I dreamed of!!)
  • Experienced LA traffic and all of its misery
  • Sat front row for the Rose Parade
  • Cheered on the Sooners at the 2018 Rose Bowl
  • Got to see the Rose Parade floats up close and personal (if you have a chance, you should do the same)
  • Took a red-eye flight home from LA
  • Rested up with my sweet pup to try and fight the flu’s attempt to bring me down (NOT THIS TIME)

I’m soaking up these last few days with Tex Mex and Sonic happy hour. Here’s to a new year and even more adventures!

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