month four + a walk through a hallmark film

It was a quick month four here in SC, with a nice, long Thanksgiving break thrown in the middle. We spent most of the month wrapping things up before the end of the semester and before plunging into a month traveling all across the country.

This sweet little town is becoming more and more like home and this month I:

  • Wandered through the sea of yellow and orange leaves (everyone should see the east coast in the fall)
  • Participated in a bubble soccer tournament
  • Turned twenty-three (what…)
  • Celebrated my birthday with snail mail and streamers
  • Spent a weekend living the dream in NYC with my best city gal
  • Conquered the NYC Subway all by myself (and didn’t get lost once)
  • Started off the holiday season in one of the most beautiful, festive cities (and I will be back)
  • Froze my whole body at the Gaylord Texan ICE
  • Launched the 2017 Christmas line of Annie Poppins Shop
  • Started selling Annie Poppins in a STORE (!!!)
  • Made a spur of the moment road-trip to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC for the National Gingerbread House Competition
  • Felt like I was walking through a scene of a Hallmark movie (the Biltmore Village is the place to go and I will be back on a snowy day)
  • Got my oil and transmission fluid changed (in case you haven’t noticed, we’re on a roll here with one piece of car trouble per month)
  • Said the sweetest goodbye to the stellar first Exec of SC Beta and welcomed the next rockstar team
  • Saw the FIRST SNOW fall in South Carolina as I was boarding the plane for Reno, NV  
  • With that first snowfall came an hour and half plane delay and a missed connecting flight and ultimately an overnight layover (bringing it right back around to the need of the blog series Boarding Passes)

We are rockin and rollin here in South Carolina. See ya next month with a whole lot of adventure to talk about!! Merry Christmas friends!

your girl

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