month six + SNOW

HELLO 2018!! You’re already looking pretty sweet. It’s been a busy month here, but I know they’re only getting busier. I know that I only have a few months left here so I’m trying to go to all of the places and do all of the things!

This month I:

  • Said goodbye to my (use-to-be) trusty MacBook Pro
  • Rounded out my time at home with a house salad with blackened chicken from Fish City Grill. If you haven’t had onem you need to try one pronto.
  • The bomb cyclone (or snowpocalypse as some called it) kept me at home for a few extra days
  • Was welcomed back by to SC my warm weather and sunshine
  • But then was really welcomed back by a campus-wide snow day and the most productive day I’ve had in awhile
  • Launched my Valentine’s Day line for APS
  • SOLD OUT within 24 hours of the heart attack confetti poppers (good choice, yall)
  • Packed my bags to head to the OH Lambda chapter at Case Western for 10 days
  • Ran through ORD to get my first taste of Garrett’s (I only had 15 minutes from the time I walked off one plane until I needed to be on the next, but I ran through the airport and was willing to miss my flight because this popcorn connoisseur had to try the OG gourmet popcorn, ya know?)
  • Found my new favorite coffee shop in all the land- Rising Star Coffeehouse in Cleveland, OH (try the iced mocha- it’s life changing)
  • Was in a real life snow globe when the fluffiest snowfall swirled around Cleveland
  • Tried Mitchell’s ice cream and it was just as good as they said it would be
  • Made it to Melt, a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant (aka my favorite kind of place), and had a fried lasagna grilled cheese- UN.REAL.
  • Welcomed KQF to the great state of SC
  • Found my new favorite Greenville, SC restaurant- The Lazy Goat  
  • Explored Asheville, NC
  • Stopped at some National Forests along the way
  • Crossed “Visit the Biltmore Estate” off my bucket list!!

If you have any Carolina must-do’s, send them my way! I'm making a list so that I can hit them all before I go! 

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