month two on the east coast

Well team, we are wrapping up MONTH TWO on the east coast!! (When did I ever think I would be able to say that?) I have learned so much over the past two months and I know we’re just getting to the good stuff.

So, in the past month:

  • I went to a music festival (I told you this year/job is changing me)
  • I navigated pitch black showers and life without wifi when we lost power for 36 hours because of Hurricane Irma
  • I showed up to my flight 3 hours early, only for them to cancel my flight and put me on a flight that pushed off in 20 minutes. I still had to check my bags and go through security. I hope you enjoyed the insta story.
  • I spent a week at Princeton
  • I worked in Albert Einstein’s classroom (for sorority recruitment so he was probably rolling over in his grave)
  • I was asked for directions on an Ivy League campus!!! (and luckily I knew where they needed to go so I could continue to pretend like I was a student)
  • I spent hours in Paper Source because I haven’t found a stationery store in Clemson yet
  • I happened across a farmer’s market and knew it was going to be a good day
  • I started a new blog series (hello victory boards)
  • I re-lived my high school glory days by stumbling upon a popcorn shop in downtown Greenville, SC
  • I stayed up even later than I did last month (who am I?)
  • I have become a regular at a coffee shop (checking that one off of the bucket list)
  • I watched homecoming floats be assembled from start-to-finish in ONE week
  • I found a new sense of adventure and now want to spend every single minute exploring
  • I fell in love with Georgetown Cupcake (thanks @Molly!!)
  • I roamed through a corn maze
  • I bought tickets to Thomas Rhett (!!!)
  • I took shelter when a tornado touched down (it's like I never left the midwest) 

But for now, I’m off to pack my bags for TEXAS! I have a week in Texas and a week in St. Louis up next on the agenda. The first thing I am going to do  when I land is eat chips and real queso and salsa with a kick. I will see my family and my sweet pup and shop till I drop and wear all the Crimson and go to the Texas State Fair and catch up with my people!!! I CANNOT WAIT.

xoxo see you so soon!

p.s. be sure to check out my victory boards (like this one) to see fun pictures from my month!  

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