my one month-iversary

One month ago I made the move to Clemson, South Carolina, but 8 months ago, I most likely would’ve laughed if you said that I would end up anywhere but Texas or Oklahoma after graduation. But here I am and this is what it has looked like.

In the past month:

  • I started my first job
  • I’ve seen more green & trees than I have in my whole life
  • I saw the Solar Eclipse in the Path of Totality (!!!)
  • I moved into my first apartment
  • I learned that this side of the country has no idea what queso is
  • I became best friends with Miss Anne, the Chick-fil-A drive-thru attendant
  • I have spent hours upon hours on Google Hangout with my best friends
  • I watched an unwelcome bird fly around our Philanthropy Day parties
  • I discovered my favorite airport- GSP- complete with a park and water fountains in the middle of the runway and live plants in the terminal
  • I found a Zoe’s Kitchen an hour away and stocked up on hummus while I could
  • I had 3am milkshakes 4 nights in a row with one of my supervisors and co-worker (had to try as many flavors as possible while she was in town, ya know? )
  • I bought my first orange t-shirt
  • I’ve stayed up later than I ever did in college
  • I’ve learned that not all Targets are Super Targets…
  • I drove through 3 National Forests (within the span of an hour)
  • I went through 2 sheets of postage stamps sending love notes to friends
  • I spent a weekend at the lake with good food and even better company
  • I have caught up with old friends and made new ones too
  • I found the best brisket in the world (looking at you, @smokinpig)
  • I was asked if Oklahoma was in the desert 
  • I took a yellow taxi to work everyday for a week (our taxi driver’s name is Wink and we have him on speed dial now)
  • I found a coffee shop that has quickly become my home 
  • I found my new favorite coffee order
  • I bought a new car battery with one of my first paychecks as an adult
  • I visited 4 states within 7 hours
  • I evacuated from Tampa, FL when Hurricane Irma was on the horizon (and might have to evacuate SC too)
  • I started to understand why people told me I would fall in love with SC and not want to come back

My mantra of the month (year) has been to say yes and to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way because what do I have to lose here? Absolutely nothing. Here’s to my first year in the adult world. Here’s to a year of saying yes to everything. Here’s to a year of staying up till 2am to talk to my friends (time zones are hard). Here’s to a year of exploring new cities. Here’s to a year of doing my best to empower 224 collegiate women to reach for their dreams. Here’s to a year of South Carolina sweet tea and BBQ. Here’s to a year of wearing OU shirts on Clemson’s campus. Here’s to a year of independence. Here’s to a year (lifetime) of saying thank you to everyone that’s been on my team over the past month. Here’s to a year of making this place my home.

So tonight, I bought myself a bottle of wine to celebrate only to realize that I didn’t have a corkscrew... so that will have to wait till tomorrow.

your “yes” girl

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