new years eve headband | diy

Happy New Years Eve afternoon!! We decided we needed to step up our NYE apparel so we threw together this cute and easy pipe cleaner headband!

You'll need:

  • Pipe cleaners (we used about 9)
  • A plastic headband
  • A star shaped cookie cutter (optional, just to make it easier)

These measurements may vary based on your headband and your star size. 

I started by making the three stars first. All I did was mold the pipe cleaner to the shape of the cookie cutter and then you’re done! If you don’t have a cookie cutter, and don’t feel confident in your star making skills, you can draw a star on a piece of paper and then form the pipe cleaner to that shape.

I then wrapped the headband with one full pipe cleaner. After I finished the first pipe cleaner, I added the first star. For this, you wrap the pipe cleaner through a point of the star two or three times, or until it is secure. Then you continue to wrap the headband only. Once you reach the second point of the star, you will wrap the star with the pipe cleaners, just like before. Keep wrapping until you finish all three stars!

Annie Bradshaw