the day i caught my breakfast on fire

day sixteen in london (manchester) 

Today was our first (and only) full day in Manchester! We got up and had breakfast at the hotel (and I accidentally caught my chocolate croissants on fire- whoops).  We all slept incredibly well last night because these beds are like heaven compared to the boxes we were sleeping on in the Flats. We then piled up in the bus and headed about 5 minutes down the to Manchester United- Manchester’s Football club. We had a tour of their stadium and then met with one of their educators to learn about their marketing and PR departments.

After that, we made a mad dash to BBC North (also only 5 minutes away) in the Manchester Media City. This was probably my favorite site visit so far. They were very engaging, they cared about us as students and wanted us to get as much out of the visit as possible, and treated us like we were part of their team, not American students. We first met with the head coordinator of the site (essentially like the CEO of that branch/location of the BBC) and he explained to us an overview of BBC North, why they made the move, why their culture is different from BBC London, etc. We then went on a tour of the BBC Children’s channels (CBBC and BCBeebies), which were absolutely adorable. Then we switched tour guides and went on a tour of BBC Sports and Radio 5 Live. After that we had lunch at a cute bakery and then headed back to Manchester United to do some souvenir shopping and then hotel. 

We had a little bit of a breather and then loaded the bus to go to downtown Manchester for dinner. We wandered around for a bit before stumbling across a store called Oklahoma. Like what are the chances. And it was the cutest gift/card/toy/knick knack store ever. Then we walked a bit further to have dinner at a Tea Café and I got a piece of a delicious lemon cake that was bigger than my face, then we headed back to the coach and left for the hotel! It is an early night here because we have and even earlier morning. Our alarm clocks are set for 5:30 because we need to be ready by 6:30- that is before most American’s will even go to bed…

Annie Bradshaw