the day i celebrated memorial day differently

day fifteen in london (cambridge)

This morning, we got up super early to finish packing and to load our stuff and depart for Cambridge. I had my last iced chocolate from Briki this morning and they were pulling the chocolate croissants out of the toaster as I was ordering- perfect timing! Saying good-bye to the quaintness of Exmouth Market was surprisingly hard. I wasn’t ready to leave.

We loaded the “coach” (a charter bus) which was complete with Wi-Fi! Unfortunately, no power outlets, but beggars can’t be choosers. We stopped at the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial for their Memorial Day service and it was beautiful. It was a lot colder than we were expecting, but the ceremony itself was incredible and put a new perspective on celebrating Memorial Day. Usually American’s see Memorial Day as a three-day-weekend, the beginning of summer, the day that pools open, a weekend for BBQ, but this service put into perspective why we have Memorial Day and that is to honor those who love our country and have paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend that.

We then hopped back on the bus and headed to the historic Eagle Pub. This is where Francis Crick and James Watson announced that they had discovered “the secret of life” or the structure of DNA. After that, Dorion, Holly and I wandered around to look in some shops and markets and we ended up on the other side of town. We were waiting at what we thought was the right punting tour stop, but it turns out that we were at the wrong one and we missed our boat tour of Cambridge. Definitely a bummer, but something to add to the list the next time I come! We headed back to the bus to wait for the groups to finish their tour and then we left for Manchester. It was about a 3-hour drive so we all fell asleep pretty fast and were out for most of the time.

When we got to Manchester we checked in to the hotel, grabbed dinner across the street and headed to bed early!

All in all, it was an easy day. Lots of traveling but a good day to catch up on blog posts, picture editing and sleep! But I am missing London already- Manchester just isn’t the same.

Annie Bradshaw