the day i fell in love with cider

day four in london

This morning, Holly and I had coffee at another little shop in Exmouth Market called Brill. The iced coffee was significantly better here than it was yesterday, hopefully I’m getting somewhere! I got an iced coffee and bagel and then we headed to a convenience store and got the 100th anniversary edition of Vogue. I’m not a fashion/magazine fanatic by any stretch, but Kate Middleton is on the front and it’s gold foil. I couldn’t walk by it in London and pass it up. Will it add 5 pounds to my already overweight suitcase? Yes. Do I care? Nope.  

Then we came back to the flats and got ready for our site visit- the BBC Headquarters! We walked to a further train station than the Farringdon Station that we usually take so that we could pop in and watch some merchants set up their markets for the day. There were food trucks, flower stands (my favorite) and clothing shops.

This walk was when I really realized I was falling in love with the aesthetics of London. The storefronts are gorgeous. The branding is incredible. And I am researching left and right how I can work on projects like that for the rest of my life. It is so fascinating to me. The color of the storefront is usually what first catches your eye. The logo is usually on the window or the awning of the front, and sometimes both. Some have cool wall art on the side of the building or on the inside walls and my favorites have had the coolest packaging or containers (for a lack of a better word?). I talked about this all. morning. long. I’m sure more will come on this. I was (and still am) captivated.

We rode the Tube to the BBC and got checked in to meet with the Senior Commissioning Editor of the BBC World Service, Steve Titherington. It was a quick visit and he explained to us what the BBC does, what he does, how some of the different departments work and what they are trying to do to increase their audience.

After that, Dorion, Derrick, Holly and I left and went shopping on Oxford Street. I found the cutest place called Scribbles and it is similar to Paper Source back in Texas- aka Annie Heaven.

We walked around the Westminster area. We grabbed sandwiches at a little shop and ate them on some office building stairs across from the London Eye and next to Big Ben- is eating on the stairs a tourist thing or a local thing? I am choosing to believe it was a local-thing because I’d like to believe that I’m slowing picking up on the tips and tricks to fitting in. My sandwich was surprisingly good- it was just a cheese sandwich (called a Cheese Salad Torpedo) with lettuce, tomato and some seasoning, but it was the little bit of normal American food that I needed.

After lunch, we hopped on a London boat tour and headed to Greenwich! When we arrived, we looked at the Old Royal Naval College, which is now home to local universities (gorgeous!!!) and the Queen’s house. Then we made the hike up to the Prime Meridian- where the northern and southern hemispheres meet. Mind you, this steep incline hike was in business casual clothes and uncomfortable shoes- so go us. The view was incredible. Everything was so luscious and green. We hiked back down and stopped at this perfect pub (in looks, since at this point I am noticing anything and everything that relates to the branding/aesthetics of a store or restaurant) and ordered some drinks. I have heard that Cider is ‘the thing’ to get here, but after trying a friend’s drink earlier this week, I didn’t think it was going to be for me. I like my drinks to be super fruity and I was nervous I wasn’t going to find that here, but boy was I wrong. I got a Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime Cider and it was delicious. It was like a strawberry limeade, which are summer time musts for me. I was HOOKED. Love at first sip. We had appetizers and then some people ordered fish and chips, but I just ordered some chips;) After dinner and lots of laughs, we headed back to London and to our flats and called it a night.

The current challenge of the night is trying to figure out if the ticket that we purchased for Paris tomorrow is actually going to work… I didn’t receive a email with my ticket to print at home and the card must be present in order to pick it up in person (but that card is in America). SO I’m hoping for the best in the morning…

All in all it was a great day! Best day so far.

Annie Bradshaw