the day i found my wedding venue

day twelve in london

Today was Day-One of our three-day free weekend in London and we tried to make the best of it! We slept in (later than we had planned) and Holly and I went back to Gail’s Bakery and had iced hot chocolates and pesto, mozzarella sandwiches for an early lunch.

We hopped on the tube and headed back to Buckingham Palace to get some pictures both in the sun and closer to the Palace, since the last time we went we weren’t able to be close. Then we went over to Westminster Abbey, where Will and Kate got married. I decided that I am going to get married there. It was beautiful!!! Then we ran over to Harrod’s to have our official high-tea of the trip and wow it was quite an ordeal. Harrod’s was not what I was expecting. I imagined it to be like a Niemen Marcus, just larger, but it made Niemen’s look like a Walmart. We were trying to track down their tea room, but not a single employee knew what we were talking about and they sent us all over the store- literally someone sent us to a different floor each time. Finally we Google-d it and found a booklet about the store and were able to track it down. After our high-tea, we decided that we were just going to stay out and about until our showing of Wicked, so we bought some time by going into Zara. Everyone said that I should buy one thing for me that is a memento of the trip that is not souvenir-y so I decided on this adorable chambray dress. I first saw it in Paris and had been thinking about it since, so I knew it was a good buy. After our shopping trip, we headed over to a Starbucks by the theater to try and get some Wi-Fi because what Starbucks doesn’t have Wi-Fi? Well this one didn’t… So we hung out for a bit and then headed over to the show early just to take a breather and relax.

We were both really excited to see this Wicked show because we had heard it was better than it is on Broadway. We had high expectations and Holly and I aren’t the nicest critiques to begin with. It was a good show, but it wasn’t as energetic as the ones I have seen in the past, which lead my sleepy self to not be fully engaged the whole time. Kind of a bummer, but still cool to see Wicked again!

Our tube ride home was not the smoothest to say the least! We already knew that it would be a long ride because of the positioning of the stops that we needed, but after we got down to the ‘loading dock’ we realized we had just missed the train we needed to be on and it would be 10-12 minutes before another one would come. We waited it out and luckily the train we needed wasn’t crowded at all and we got to sit down. This is where is gets interesting (and kind of gross so read with caution). A few stops in, this very drunk girl literally falls onto the tube and stumbles to a seat directly across from me. Holly and I played the game of “is she asleep or is she awake?” for a while before things took a turn for the worse. She put her phone away and put her head in her hands. I could tell she wasn’t feeling well but when she started to cover her mouth and heave like she was going to throw up, I knew we needed to move cause I was right in the line of fire… So we RAN to the next car over and sat down and just as we did, she threw up on the floor AND the seat next to her. A stop later, she fell off the train (dropping her credit card which a guy ended up throwing out the door at her) and we carried on. But the next stop, 2 guys got on and one sat IN the throw up… Needless to say, we got off the tube as soon as we could and crashed the second our heads hit our pillows.

All in all, it was a very good, London-y day. We are trying to hit the big spots before we leave London on Monday morning.

Annie Bradshaw