the day i had the best popsicle of my life

day seventeen in london (cardiff) 

5:30am came a lot faster than I was expecting… Holly and I got up, got ready, packed and headed down to be the first at breakfast (not a surprise to anyone that knows Holly or me). I did not burn my breakfast today so I knew it was going to be a good day. We loaded the buses around 6:45 and were on the road by 7:00am sharp. The drive (well the part that I was awake for) was gorgeous. Green everywhere, sheep on the side of the road, rolling hills, absolutely picture perfect, but of course I could not get my phone up fast enough to take pictures before the trees got in the way.

We made the drive to Cardiff in a little less than 4 hours and we met with two professors from the University of South Wales. They talked to us about their programs, British media in general and gave an overview of the history and culture of Wales.

After that, we headed over for a long lunch at Millennium Pier. Holly and I were already missing Nando’s so instead of trying something new, we went for it and got our last Nando’s meal. When I was ordering, I noticed that they had a punch card reward system and now I am wondering why we weren’t offered it sooner! We went to Nando’s way too often this trip. After that my last chicken pitta, we went to a delicious ice cream shop across the way and I got the cutest cone of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I have wanted to get a basic cone of ice cream for the past two and a half weeks, so today was the day.

We wandered around Millennium Pier for a bit before loading the coach to head to Bristol. Our coach has Wi-Fi but for some reason it wasn’t working very well today, which led to a bit of disappointment but a whole lot of laughs. We played the game “heads up” which is kind of like charades, but backwards. One person holds the card (or phone) on their forehead and everyone acts it out and the person has to guess what they are holding. We all fell asleep and woke up in Bristol to the most beautiful hotel. I mean gorgeous. The view from our room was incredible, but the view from the patio of the hotel restaurant was even better.

We had dinner and drinks in the bar downstairs and I tried a new drink- a peach Bellini popsicle- and it was probably one of my favorite drinks I’ve ever had. It was in a cardboard tube just like popsicles were when we were kids but it was peach Bellini and perfect. I also ordered a margarita pizza, but it turned out to be just a plain ‘ol cheese pizza. Delicious, but nothing special. After dinner, Holly and I came upstairs to check email and work on some stuff that has been calling our name from America for a while now before taking one of the best showers of my life.

All in all, we covered a lot of ground today- literally- and it was great! The drive was gorgeous and our dinner was a blast. I’m not ready to go home!!!!

Annie Bradshaw