the day i hopped a fence to take a picture with sheep

day eighteen in london (bath + bristol) 

Hands down, incredible day. We got to sleep in a little bit this morning, which was much needed. These beds are heavenly and we’ve all hit that exhaustion point where no amount of sleep is enough. We slept in and then Holly and I went downstairs for breakfast. I had a bowl of Coco Puffs because I am missing American food that much. We loaded up the coach and headed to Bath for lunch and some exploring.

After a nice 45-minute nap (drive) we got off the bus and headed to tour the historic Roman Baths. It was incredibly crowded, so I went through the exhibit quickly and took some pictures outside. After the tour, we had a fantastic lunch in the Pump Room, which is part of the Roman Baths. This was one of the meals that we ordered about a month or two ago online, so I was curious to see what I would get in front of me. For my appetizer, I had a goat cheese and bell pepper puree toast. Ralph also encouraged us to order these fun sodas that are unique to the Baths and so I got Very Berried- and it was very berry-y! It was so sweet I almost couldn’t drink it. Then came the big question of the day- what was my main entrée. Well, I picked incredibly well back in April because I got the sweet potato risotto and it was divine!!! So rich and so so tasty. For dessert, I had a chocolate torte, which I ate super slowly so that I could enjoy and savor every bite.

After our lunch, we headed out to wander around the city for a bit before meeting to get back on the coach. Holly and I stopped in a couple shops and then met up with Jess and Derrick before heading back. Everyone fell asleep on the way home from Bath to Bristol and then we all crawled back in bed for our 2-hour break before dinner.

Tonight was probably the best night of the trip so far- and it was the most unexpected. We headed out to what is considered the ‘country side’ of this part of Bristol, to a little pub. But before we went in, Regan, Ralph, Derrick and I wandered over to a farm (where we may or may not have been allowed to enter) and tried to take pictures with sheep. This was Regan’s goal for the trip since we see them every time we drive on the highway but never pull over. It was quite the adventure let me tell ya, but we got some pictures.

After that, we ran back to meet up with the Rotarians who took Joe under their wing when he was here. We played Skittles, which was a BLAST. It is the ‘original’ bowling, where there are wood pins at one end and you roll these small balls down the lane and try to knock as many down as you can. We had drinks, ate snacks and played for hours. They are so funny and loved hanging out with us. But the thing I loved the most was looking at them and seeing how much fun they were having (even though they were 70 years old and were kicking our butts), and how much the husbands loved their wives. I hope that one day I can live like that- so full of life it is overflowing, obviously still in love with my husband, and pouring into college kids even if it is just for a night.

We left with some tears in our eyes- some were from laughing and some were from the sweet words that one lady said to us. Sweet June said that this was the most fun that she had had in her entire life. And tonight is at the top of my list of best nights too.

I’m exhausted and we have an early morning, so I’m getting in bed and know I will fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

All in all, it was an incredible day and the most perfect night. I am not ready to leave this place, just ready to see my mom!!

Annie Bradshaw