the day i passed up starbucks

day ten in london

This morning was our morning to sleep in/do our own thing so I decided that I was going to try to be a Londoner for a morning and go out on my own. And little did I know, that was easier said than done. I have had my eye on this one coffee shop, Joe & the Juice, since we’ve been here and this morning I was determined to try it out. I slept in a bit, got ready and headed out the door to get on what I was hoping was the right bus. The night before, we had passed by a Joe & the Juice, so I made note in my phone of the stop that I should get off at and just as I was searching to see what stop it was, the driver came on the speaker and said that the bus was terminating early and that it was the last stop. SO. I got off the bus and started walking. And kept walking. What I thought would be about a 5 minute walk, ended up being 35 minutes and when I finally got there, I saw that the shop had closed for good. Of course it did. So I started my trek back to my side of London. I passed a 2-story Starbucks and as tempting as it was to check it out, I reminded myself that this morning was about trying something new. So I hopped on a bus and was headed back to Exmouth Market to find some lunch. After sitting in stand still traffic for more than 5 minutes, I decided that I could walk faster and I got off the bus. Once the traffic seemed to be clear, I got on another bus to finish my trip home. And guess what. It was the SAME bus that I had just gotten off of. SAME one, SAME driver, SAME people. Just my luck. Anyway, after an hour and a half adventure, I made it back to Farringdon, checked out some cute stationary shops on the way home and picked out a new place for lunch at Exmouth Market.

I went to Gail’s Bakery and had a delicious pesto and mozzarella sandwich and my new favorite iced chocolate (iced hot chocolate but richer and better). I tried to get some work done, but there weren’t any power outlets available and my laptop was on its last leg, so I worked until it died and then headed back to the flats. I enjoyed this afternoon because I was able to immerse myself in the culture without standing out like a sore thumb. I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and it was worth it. I was able to stop in the places that I wanted to and move at my own pace. Plus, a little quiet time amidst the hustle and bustle of the city was needed.

Our site visit today was to The Guardian, which is a newspaper here in the UK. We met with an educator who shared the history/overview and then we heard from the Sports Coordinator who had insight of working in the field.

After this, Holly and I headed back to the flat to change clothes and lounge around until dinner.  It was cold, misty, windy and cloudy here- the perfect weather to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie, but of course we have no blankets or movies, so we settled for Britian’s Got Talent and t-shirts.

We had Nando’s for dinner, again delicious, and Holly, Derrick and I hung out and talked for a while afterward.

All in all, it was a very laid back and relaxing, yet productive day. Our schedule is starting to slow down giving us more time to explore on our own. I’m starting to get in the swing of things and am loving London. 

Annie Bradshaw