the day i realized the impact of my trip

The task of renewing my passport, without needing a parental guardian to sign off, was the first of so many moments that made me realize this trip was going to be an incredible learning experience and one that would foster personal growth. The last time I traveled outside of the country was when I was about 4-years-old and my family was being relocated to Melbourne, Australia for my Dad’s position in telecommunications. That experience was tackled with help from both of my parents, my little brother by my side, a team of Americans sending us off and a team of Aussies waiting for us to arrive. We had a schedule, we knew what we were doing, and for the most part we knew what to expect. The trip from Melbourne back to America in May of 2001 was the last time I had flown internationally until this summer, when I packed my bags and headed to London, with a group of my classmates and my professors- no parents, no minute-by-minute schedule, no security net.

London has been my greatest adventure so far, and will be incredibly hard to top. I adored the quaint feel of the neighborhoods, but appreciated the Tube and knowing that you could be across town within minutes. I am fascinated with the architecture and the aesthetic of London, but was comforted in the fact that we spoke the same language. I was challenged when I went out on adventures by myself, but learned that I can be successful on my own. I realized what it is like to chase a dream, and have begun to dream a bigger dream since. London gave me a new passion and instilled in me a drive to conquer this life with a different eye. London forever has my heart.

Annie Bradshaw