the day i saw the queen

day three in london 

Today Holly and I scrapped our cardboard cereal and went to Caffè Nero for breakfast, a coffee shop in Exmouth Market, only about a 3-minute walk from our flat. My coffee was okay but I ordered the totally wrong thing... I picked up the drink labeled  “iced coffee” that was in the refrigerated case next to the sandwiches. I thought that they would just add ice to the cup and hand it back but what I ended up picking up was the Frappé mix. Even though the cup I was picked up was labeled iced coffee not Frappé like the other cups. So that was my first coffee shop lesson learned! I also had an incredible lemon poppy seed muffin- my new favorite

After breakfast, we headed back to the flats to meet up with our tour guide, Angela, for our walking tour of London in the POURING rain. We were told that she is one of the best guides in London and boy did she know her stuff. She was rattling off all sorts of dates and names and history, it was crazy. We went to the Royal Processional outside of Buckingham Palace for the State Opening of Parliament- a huge deal. We saw the Queen (!!!) but since it was raining, she was in a covered carriage. After that, we went to St. Paul’s Cathedral, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to go inside. It’s days like today that I wish I had a step tracker because I was probably at one million steps by noon- no joke.  We had a lunch break and Holly, Derrick and I went to a burger place called Gourmet Burger Kitchen, where they guaranteed your lunch in 15 minutes or you would get it for free. Of course mine was ready in 14 minutes, but Holly and Derrick both had to wait, so they got coupons for free meals the next time they went- interesting business practice considering both tables on either side of us got the free meal coupons as well.

The rain cleared for a little bit and we headed to Big Light Productions for our first site visit. This agency writes the scripts for TV shows (like the X Files and The Man in the High Castle). We had the opportunity to sit in on their Writer’s Rooms where they were actually working through the storyboards, scripts, character development, etc. for their current shows. In this particular agency, a team of writers is assigned to a Writer’s Room for a specific show and they all work together on developing the plot lines for the whole series, as well as the premise for each episode. From there, each writer is given an episode to write. I think that this is an awesome strategy because while a different person writes each episode, they will all flow seamlessly because each author was a part of the overall brainstorming process and knows where the previous episode ended and the direction that the next episode is taking.

My group sat in on a room for show that has not been released yet, so I was sworn to secrecy that I wouldn’t say anything until it was made public and released. We got to listen to them talk through what was going to be on the episode and how they came up with it all. It was so cool to see how they bounced ideas off of each other and how much work and behind-the-scenes thinking actually goes into making a TV show.

Here is the synopsis written by Frank Spotnitz, the Chief Executive of Big Light. We were fortunate enough to have him lead our visit. 

“Ransom is inspired by the professional experiences of crisis negotiator Laurent Combalbert who with his partner, Marwan Mery, are among the top negotiators in the world. Together, they travel around the globe to help multinational corporations and governmental agencies with complex negotiations and conflict resolution.”

It was all SO COOL. I am SO obsessed with the show and can’t wait for it to come out (Fall 2016, hopefully). I also LOVED the building that it was in. An aesthetic that I hope my future office has- marble floors, the signature Fruit Loop marquee, lots of white space, exposed wood- very modern, very me.

After that, we headed home to relax for a bit. Jetlag is a real thing. We had dinner with Dorion, Ralph and some of the girls at Franco Manca. It was sourdough pizza and a well-known restaurant. I wasn’t super impressed, but I think I ordered the wrong pizza? 

After our long dinner, we came home, showered and booked our train tickets to Paris!! So expensive, but I know that I will regret not going.

All in all the trip is going well, I just hate the down time cause I get homesick, tired or nervous for the unknown. If you know me, you know that I need to know anything and everything that’s going on. But here's to new adventures and new friends!! 

Annie Bradshaw