the day i went on my third tour of the bbc

day nineteen in london (bristol) 

This morning exhaustion was at an all time high and Holly and I made it through the morning without talking to each other because that took too much effort. We had breakfast at the hotel restaurant again and then walked over to BBC Bristol.

This was hands-down the longest site visit of our trip. We sat in on two meetings where the teams decided what would be featured on the news (radio, broadcast and social) for the day and then we met with a guy from the Natural History department- the guys that produced Planet Earth and other natural history documentaries. His portion was the most fascinating because we got to see behind-the-scenes footage from their filming and got to hear how all of it was made. After him, we toured their broadcast studio.

After our visit, we headed to downtown Bristol for lunch. We had pizza and then moseyed our way around the river to find some ice cream and to people watch for a bit.

We hopped back on the bus and went back to the hotel to write thank you notes and take a quick nap before our closing dinner. 

Our closing dinner was at a place called ZeroDegrees. I tried to branch out and try a new drink, Mango Beer, but the aftertaste was too beer-y and I couldn’t do it, so I got my last Rekorderlig of the trip. We were all dressed up and we spent the evening sharing stories of the trip and laughing.

After dinner, we headed to the Suspension Bridge, which apparently used to be a Wonder of the World? Not sure how true that is, but that’s what they all say. We got some beautiful pictures!! I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Then we headed home to pack and spend our last night in this incredible place!


Annie Bradshaw