the day i went to a piano bar

day nine in london

Today was a crazy day! It started with Holly and I trying a new coffee place called Briki for our morning coffee. I got an iced chocolate and it was DIVINE. It was an iced hot chocolate- richer and sweeter than chocolate milk but not hot like hot chocolate. It’s my new favorite here.

Then we headed out for our crazy day of site visits. We started at CNN London where we met with several employees who shared perspectives from different aspects of the company. This was probably my favorite site visit so far. They were very engaging and shared lots of real life examples of their jobs- not just the flowery stuff. This was around the time of the Egypt Airline crash and it was neat to see how they responded. CNN prides themselves in releasing the most accurate information, even if that means they are not the first ones to release the breaking news. We heard from a female sports journalist- her struggles in the industry, how she planned to cover the Rio Olympics and her favorite moments in her career. We had to leave in a hurry and we weren’t able to get a tour of the building- their office staff was bummed and so were we.

We made a mad dash for Bloomberg. It was all the way across town and we had 30 minutes to get there. It was the fastest turnaround we’ve had between site visits so far. But we made it!! Bloomberg is a company with lots of money. We had the sweetest host who gave us a tour of the building and they were kind enough to let us each grab a snack and a drink from their 24/7 snack kitchen. It wasn’t your typical office kitchen, it was a huge community space with gourmet snacks and fresh food. You could tell that they really valued their employees and wanted to make sure that they were taken care of. Our tour guide showed us the highlights of the gorgeous building and the noteworthy aspects of the company- like if an employee donates to a charity, Bloomberg will match it. We then met with the lead Editor for the weekend news. He recently moved to London from DC so it was interesting to hear how he was adjusting, what cultural differences he was dealing with and what he missed most about home. Bloomberg is a tech, financial, business focused news center so a lot of it was out of my realm of expertise, but it was a cool visit.

After that, I headed back to the flats to change into more casual clothes and Dorion and I went to the Hummus Bros for lunch- again, delicious. Then we shopped around Exmouth Market a bit and then we headed home and I caught up on some emails.

Everyone then met down at the BBC for the BBC Radio 4 taping. They use an audience when they film their guest speakers so we were the cheers and the claps and the laughs for the night! The performer was a comedian and he performed Tez Talks, a spin on Ted Talks, talking about the British Muslims. It was very interesting and he was funny? but there were lots of London politic jokes and Muslim cues that we didn’t understand.

After that, we headed back to the flats to change clothes and head to the Piano Bar across from our flat that we walked by every single day. Almost the whole class came out with us, so that was fun! I stayed for my Rekorderlig and then headed home early to try and catch up on some sleep!

All in all, it was a crazy day (so crazy I didnt get a single picture- what) but we were real Londoners- the hustle and bustle from one meeting to the next, to the night life (even though it was a Tuesday).

Annie Bradshaw