the launch story

Deciding to launch {annie poppins shop} is a funny story. Since I was 5, I have wanted to open my own store, but never knew how to do it or what I was going to sell. My freshman year of college, I was trying to figure out what I was going to mail my friends for their birthday since now we were long distance and I was on a budget. That’s when I came up with what is now called the {private party} box. As the year went on, that became my go-to gift. My friends were always surprised to receive a mini party in a box in the mail when I couldn’t be there to celebrate with them. I’ll save the details of the exact day I decided to launch the shop for another day, but one night last fall, I got a fire within me that snail mail surprises was something that I wanted to try out. Over Christmas break I created the shop {with the oh happy day box, private party box, star jar and dino-mite friend} and launched the Etsy shop on February 7th.

Things happened very quickly the weekend of the launch. Friday afternoon, I was out running errands and just decided to launch the shop the next day. Saturday was as good as any day to launch it, so why wait any longer? I got home, told my roommate my plan and started making samples left and right. Saturday morning, we got up, completed my first product photo shoot and then launched the shop on all social media outlets. After a night of nerves and no sleep, I woke up and made my dreams a reality.

Annie Bradshaw