travel blog: seattle | the day I fell even more in love with cider

Hello day two, you were a DREAM.

We started out our adventurous day, a little bit late and with the BEST breakfast I’ve had in awhile- Biscuit Bitch. I had a biscuit with honey and a side of cheesy garlic-y southern grits heaven. David had huge pile of food that he said was equally as great. He was right. My innocent “Can I try a bite of your bacon?” turned into “Annie ate half of my bacon.” Whoops. We heard that their dark chocolate orange infused mocha was the thing to get, so we did and it was just as good as they said it would be. If I could have that meal for breakfast everyday, I would be one happy girl.

After breakfast, we hopped in an Uber and headed to Discovery Park.

[Background info for you: While we were planning this trip, David kept saying that he wanted to go hiking. I’ve been on hikes with this boy and let me tell you- he takes it very seriously and he hates staying on the well worn path of wilderness safety. I’m all for adventure and hiking on gorgeous, sunny days, but since it was supposed to be 40-50’s and raining everyday, I didn’t think that we would ACTUALLY go hiking. I was expecting a long walk or something along those lines. Lol- did he show me. I was in my Bean Boots, jeans, cowl-neck sweatshirt, army green jacket and a peacoat raincoat with my purse in tow because after the hike we were planning to do things that I would want my camera for. Keep this outfit in mind as I tell you about our day. Feel free to laugh- I wasn’t laughing then, but I am now.]

So we are on our way to Discovery Park. We pull up, the Uber driver drops us off and leaves the parking lot and here we are. About to go hiking in the rain :’). I grabbed a map from the Visitor’s Center and we were off. Much to my surprise, our hike was gorgeous- beautiful- stunning. It was so peaceful and everything was so green. We hiked along the shore of Puget Sound and stopped at the West Point Lighthouse. We soaked it in (and got a little soaked) and then headed back to the forests. 

After our hike, we flew up 76 floors of the Columbia Tower to the Sky View Observatory to overlook the city. We were told that this was a better view of the city than the Space Needle so we gave it a shot. It was the perfect place to take a step back and soak it all in. We were actually in Seattle!!! (Going to Seattle was on my “Before I Turn 25 Bucket List). 

David was on a mission to find a good cider house for us to go to while we were in Seattle. After asking our trusty app Yelp for some recommendations and a couple of failed Uber drivers, we were on our way to Schilling Cider House in Fremont. While I was in London, I tried several different ciders but only really fell in love with one so I was hopeful for better luck here. We walked up to the bar and each ordered a flight of locally brewed cider. They color code their menu by sweetness so I got all 6 of the sweet flavors on draft. I tried them hesitantly, but loved almost all of them. My favorite was Schilling Passionfruit Pineapple. Yum. We finished our flights and were off to dinner. 

Fremont was the coolest little neighborhood. It reminded me of the “districts” that we have in OKC/Dallas but they are called neighborhoods in Seattle. We stopped in several little shops along the walk to dinner and found some cute trinkets to bring back. 

We had dinner at Via Tribunali, a wood-fire oven pizzeria and it was well worth the walk. We cut our pizza with pizza scissors (yes apparently those are a thing?) and melted into our pizza. It was delicious. We were tired. Our feet were happy to be still. Bluebird Ice Cream was next up on the list. I read that this was a “must do” while in Seattle, so since we were only a couple of blocks away, we popped in. The shop resembled an ice cream parlor and the flavors were unique but good. 

Day two you were too good to us!!! Here’s to more adventures in this incredible city!
+ Hiking in Discovery Park
+ Wandering around Fremont
- Odd eating times made for a hard afternoon

Annie Bradshaw