travel blog: seattle | the day i had the best mac & cheese of my life

We started off day three with Top Pot donuts- a donut shop that was on all of the “Best Donut Shop” lists I looked at. I will admit, we did go in with very high expectations, but we weren’t that impressed with the donuts. They were good, but nothing special. After a quick breakfast, we strapped our hoods on because it was the first real day of Seattle rain and wind and walked over to Pike Place, hitting shops like Patagonia and North Face along the way.

When we visited the Market on Sunday, we just wandered around the first floor, but today we were going all in. I didn’t know that the lower floors of the Market were shops that were stationed there full time. We wandered throughout the Market, sampling food and buying our favorites. We hopped across the street to Beecher’s Handmade Cheese for the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had. We wandered around until we found the gum wall in Post Alley. So gross but kind of cool? It was very colorful and a neat(?) background for a picture, but we weren’t feeling the full-on photoshoot like some of the other tourists were. The flagship Nordstrom is in Seattle so of course that was on my list of places to go and that’s where we stopped next. It was everything I was hoping for and more. Shopping bags in tow, we headed back to our side of the city. On our way back to the hotel, the sweetest boy in the world also bought me a bouquet of gorgeous tulips from the Market. This had to be one of the highlights of the trip- I’m a sucker for fresh flowers. We dropped off our bags in the room and refused to sit down because we knew we wouldn’t get back up.

Dick’s Burgers was also on the “must do” list of Seattle so we headed to the burger joint for a late lunch. Similar to Classic 50’s in Norman, Dick’s was Seattle’s first drive-in fast food restaurant. The burgers were super cheap and came “pre-made” meaning you couldn’t add anything to them or take anything off, even the ketchup. They were speedy, handing us our burgers before we finished signing the check but I would say that you sacrificed quality for time here. It was a cool place to try, but I’m not dying to go back.

We were in the City Center District so we decided to explore a bit before heading to our main attraction of the afternoon. We stopped by a coffee shop, La Marzocco, that we found on one of the many “Seattle’s Best” lists that we are stalking. It was in the building that housed a local radio station, KEXP, where they not only broadcasted their show, but also displayed lots of local art and had a stage for live shows. David enjoyed their coffee and I got one of my (new) favorite’s- a London Plane salted caramel. Once we were fueled up, we walked to the heart of the City Center- the Space Needle and the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit.

We had heard mixed comments about the Chihuly Exhibit- that it was a must see, that it was overpriced, that we would regret not going, and my favorite- that it was a mom museum. We walked through the gift shop and thought that we would go ahead and give it a chance anyway. 

We walked over to a local bar for a drink and appetizers and then wandered around looking for something to catch our eye for a light dinner or more appetizers but had no luck. On our way back to downtown, we expanded our search to a dessert shop too, but nothing jumped out at us, so we called it a night.

Day three:
Pike Place FLOWERS- dream come true
+ Beecher’s mac and cheese
Less than impressive food day :(

Annie Bradshaw