travel blog: seattle | the day i walked uphill both ways


Happy day four, let’s be locals. My day consisted of walking uphill both ways :’)

Today was our day that we tried our hardest (!!!) to be locals, but we might have ended up at only tourist-y attractions. We rolled out of bed and were headed to Capitol Hill!

General Porpoise Donuts was first on the list and definitely started the day off on a high note. The cutest shop (white walls, marble counters, pink espresso machine) paired with the best donuts made for Annie heaven. I will forever recommend this sweet shop to everyone that goes to Seattle!

We walked to the Elliott Bay Book Company and took a breather for a bit. The trip has been filled with  go-go-go moments and hopping from one place to the next as soon as we are done and so we took some time here to flip through some books and soak in the quiet stir of a bookstore.

It always seems to hit me on trips- this whirlwind of creativity, drive, passion and big dreams. Similar to one of my first few days in London, a spark hit me and I just wanted to sit there and read all that I could, take note of everything running through my head, and hit my computer to make these ideas happen. I was reading through graphic design and typography and color pairing books and feelin inspired to create- maybe some new products for my small business, maybe just write my class notes more creatively, or maybe put some more thought into the branding company that I hope to create one day. I was on top of the world and ready to get makin, but I took pictures of everything that I could and we headed out to our next stop.

Melrose Market was a dream, really. It was in what looked like was an old factory building or a cleared out office space and was home to a couple restaurants, a wine bar, a butcher, a flower shop and a paper shop. If I worked in Capitol Hill, this would be my (very expensive) lunch spot and go-to gift hub. Several cute shops surrounded this market, so we popped into those as well.

While we were looking for lunch, we happened across a Starbucks Reserve Roasting and Tasting Room. It was massive, gold and looked very fancy, so we went in to see what was going on. We walked in to see a factory-like scene on the left, a fancy gift shop on the right and a pizza restaurant in the back. Confused, we asked the greeter where we were. It turns out that Starbucks has these Reserve Bars that sell small batches of specialty coffee that aren’t found at other stores. When the Starbucks coffee buyers find beans that they like, but the farmer’s can’t keep up with the daily demand of Starbucks, the buyers still purchase the beans and they are sold at these Reserve Bars. This particular location was where they roasted those small batches of special beans and tried out new drinks. We were on a mission to find lunch, so we headed out but knew we would be back.

Lunch was delicious and the warm, cozy italian food that we both wanted. After lunch we headed to Stumptown Coffee which is headquartered in Seattle. Our next agenda item was actually closed on Mondays, so we walked down to the Flagship REI to explore.

Like I said the other day, David was on a mission to find all of the good cider houses in the area, so we went to the Capitol Cider in hopes for the best one of the trip. We both tried new ciders but weren’t loving it, so we decided to walk back downtown to find some chowder for dinner. David saw that Pike Place Chowder (THE place that we were told to get chowder at) was also in the local mall, so we headed there to avoid the Market crowds and wow that was the best choice. We sat down and enjoyed a low-key dinner and then wandered through the mall for a few minutes, before walking back to Capitol Hill to get some ice cream from Molly Moon’s. We weren’t done eating yet, so we headed to Starbucks Reserve to try some coffee before walking home and heading to bed. It was a beautiful night to be walking around!!

Day four: 
+ General Porpoise Donuts
+ Inspiration at Elliott Bay Book Company
- Rain, rain, go away!!

Annie Bradshaw