victory board 000

victory board 000

Entering this postgrad season of life has been a whirlwind. It’s truly the day you’ve been waiting your whole life for. The day you “grow up.” The night before the first day of school that you don’t have to go to school for is everything that you had been waiting for. The first round of midterms that you don’t have to study for. You finally have your weekends to relax and not stress about getting caught up on classwork. The first time you are on a salary and feel like you’ve made it (regardless of the number that you see hit your bank account each month).

But this new, exciting phase also comes with a huge transition.

T-shirts are (supposed to be) a thing of the past and my Converse have been sitting in my closet for longer than I would like. Friendships aren’t convenient anymore and reunions look like booking plane tickets and hotel rooms. Just when you think you’re caught up on your email for the night, you wake up to a sweet little “27” in the red notification bubble. The first game day comes and goes and you can’t even watch it on TV because it isn’t airing in your area. And for me, it looked like moving 14 hours away from home- the first time my plane touched down was my first time in this state and the only person I knew was my co-worker- woah.

As you’ve heard, my mantra for the year is to say yes to everything that comes my way and I will be the first to tell you that it’s paying off. I recharge with alone time and so sometimes it can be hard to fill my down time with activities, when catching up on work or running errands solo (or sometimes even taking a nap) sounds so much more productive. But making the two hour drive to the lake several weeks ago to catch up with friends that I hadn’t seen in years, was what did it for me. Breathing fresh air and spending time on the water and in the sun. Having good drinks and great food and the best conversations. I realized that THAT is what this year is about. That is what these first few transition years are about. To slow down when you can. To go to dinner with good company even if that means you have to stay up late to get your work done. To go on big adventures in new cities because there is never going to be a better time to go than right now. And it all goes back to what I said here. To be present where you’re at. To stop living a life of efficiency and to just say “yes” to the things that will recharge you. And now, to start recognizing our victories- the simple, little things that make you smile and the good news that you want to spread with the world.

For you, a victory might be completing a project at work, making it to the gym everyday, receiving your well deserved promotion or crossing off that one action item that just keeps moving from one to-do list to another. For me, it’s looked like meeting quota during a chapter’s first primary recruitment, saying more yes’s than no’s that result in music festivals or running through sunflower fields, remembering that there’s a time difference before picking up the phone, and saving every single one of my receipts for my company card (actually I’m still waiting for this one).  

I hope you’ll join me on this year of documenting and celebrating those victories- big and small- and a year of a new series called the “Victory Board.” A peek of my week through pictures, an idea borrowed from my sweet friend Holly and her Saturday Snaps. The title of the series comes from a physical board that I’ve had in my room for the past year. Each day, I write down a “win” or “victory” of the day, because no matter how overwhelming a day is, there has to be something good within it. It’s so easy to complain and to get wrapped up in the things that aren’t going your way, but this board was a challenge for myself to find the little moments that made me smile and to highlight those. More information about the physical board will come soon, but for now, follow along with my victory board right here!

xoxo, your girl

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